Recruitment & Hiring

Review the university's recommended processes for recruitment and hiring below. Use the resources on this page to help get a robust applicant pool and complete the selection and hiring process in compliance with the law and university policy.


Review the current position and make changes as needed.

  • Is this an existing position? a new position?
  • How is the position funded?
  • Is the classification appropriate or should the position be reclassified?

An exemption to the university's hiring freeze must be requested for most positions being filled. Once you submit the form, it can take 1-2 weeks to complete this process.

Norman Programs: As of July 1, Norman departments should use the electronic freeze form in PerfectForms to submit a hiring freeze exemption form. Paper forms will be accepted until January 2018, but the electronic version is preferred. Note: Flash must be enabled on your browser to view the form. For the best experience, use Chrome.

Hiring Freeze Exemption
These documents describe the hiring freeze exemption process.
Campus: Norman, OUHSC, Tulsa
Campus: Norman, OUHSC, Tulsa
Campus: OUHSC, Tulsa
Campus: Norman

Each staff job listing begins with the online Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ). The PDQ is not required for temporary, student, academic, or graduate assistant positions.  

With the information from Step 1, review the online position description questionnaire (PDQ) in the PeopleAdmin system for the job you wish to fill. The PDQ should include all the essential functions of the job.

An essential function must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • The position exists to perform this duty. Removing this function would fundamentally change this position.
  • A limited number of employees are available to do the function.
  • The person in the position must have specific expertise to perform the function.

Complete the online PDQ if this is a new position, request for reclassification of a vacant position, or a position description update. You will receive email notification when approved.

Once the position description has been approved, complete the job requisition in the Taleo Jobs System. The job requisition provides the information for the public job listing. Complete the necessary departmental forms and approvals for posting the job in this step. You can save an incomplete job requisition and come back to it later, if needed. 

Submit the job requisition through Taleo. HR Employment & Compensation will review the requisition and notify you when your job listing has been posted on the OU Jobs website.

Besides posting your vacancy on the OU Jobs website through Taleo, you should also consider other methods of advertising for your job in this step. HR can assist you with this.  

  • Review applications. Determine which candidates to interview by appropriately screening their applications.
  • Identify who will be on the selection committee. 
  • Interview candidates. Review best practices for interviewing and prepare interview questions.
  • Check the references and former employers of your final candidates.
  • Choose a candidate for the position. Prepare a letter notifying the candidate of the offer and the terms and conditions of employment. Review the sample letters to applicants. If a background check is required, the letter should also notify the candidate that the offer is contingent upon successful completion of a background check. All offer letters must be retained in the department personnel file and the HR personnel file. 
  • Finalize selection in Taleo. Once the selected candidate accepts the offer, indicate which candidate you've selected in the Taleo system by completing the Personnel Selection Report. The system will automatically send emails to your unchosen candidates.

Who Needs a Background Check?

Background checks are required for designated security sensitive positions in Norman programs and are required for all positions in HSC programs. For new hires, a conditional offer of employment is based on the candidate's successful completion of the background check. Human Resources processes the background checks for all university departments. 

How Do I Initiate a Background Check?

If the candidate is being hired through Taleo, the hiring manager must complete the offer in the Taleo system to initiate the background check process. After the candidate has accepted an offer in Taleo, HR will send them a link to the jobs site where they will verify their personal information in a process called the 2nd Pass.

If the requisition includes a background check, the candidate can assent to the background check and provide their personal information online. Once we have their assent, we will conduct the background check and advise the hiring department of the results when we have them. The candidate's response time will affect the timing of the results.

Background checks may also be required for volunteers and current employees. See the Background Checks page for more details.

Complete the appointment of your new employee by submitting the electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF) in PeopleSoft.

Direct your new employee to complete the new hire forms and processes

Maintain recruitment documentation for a minimum of two (2) years after the hire including:
  • All interview questions and notes
  • Selection criteria
  • Communications with applicants

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HR Employment & Compensation
  • Norman: (405) 325-1826, NEL 205
  • HSC: (405) 271-2190 Option 4, SCB  122
  • Tulsa: (918) 660-3191, Room 2C11