Learning & Development

HR's Learning & Development team provides a wide variety of services aimed at improving individual and organizational performance. This page will provide more information about the types of development courses we offer for employees, as well as more information about our department. Click here to review the university's training policy in the Staff Handbook. 

Professional development empowers employees to gain skills and knowledge, for both personal achievement and career advancement.  Open-enrollment workshops are offered at the Norman, HSC and Tulsa campuses to provide employees with opportunities for development. Learn more about available workshops and enroll by visiting the training calendar.

Workshop Spotlight

Effective Communication
Communicating effectively is key to being successful in a professional work setting. It is also important in maintaining healthy personal relationships. This workshop helps participants discover their communication style, practice listening instead of just hearing, and learn tips for communicating effectively at work. Find this and other workshops on the training calendar

Leading is a great privilege and at times a challenging responsibility. Because every level of leadership from frontline, to mid-level, to executive brings its own unique skill requirements, and every environment presents its own opportunities and needs, we provide a range of learning opportunities.

To enroll in professional development workshops, please visit the training calendar.

OU Leadership Council

The OU Leadership Council is a group of campus leaders chosen each year to participate in a year-long series of leadership development opportunities. Applications are currently closed for the Leadership Council program. Find more information about the OU Leadership Council here.

Course Suggestions:
If you do not see the type of course you need or if you are interested in taking a past course that is not currently scheduled on the training calendar, please let us know.

If you have specific Learning & Organizational Development needs in your department, please contact us.

Ready to enroll in workshops?

For a complete calendar of employee workshops on all 3 campuses, please visit the training calendar.

Have questions or ideas?

If you would like to explore ways to manage change, institute strategic initiatives, or improve the performance of your team, department, or function, please contact us.